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Guest Blog: How Martial Arts Help Your Kids Mental and Overall Well-being. By Jason Lewis

Signing your kid(s) up for B- smart martial arts classes could be one of the best gifts you could ever give them. B-smart Martial arts do more than just teach your kids self-defense – they also offer significant mental health benefits that can keep your child stress-free, happy, and in sound mental shape. They also contribute to your child’s overall well-being. Below, B-SMART Martial Arts explains how martial arts benefit your kids’ health in ways big and small:

Stress reduction and mental health

Many children in the UK are stressed. A significant number are struggling with mental health challenges like anxiety and depression. Martial arts can be a powerful stress reduction and mental health tool. Following martial arts forms puts practitioners in a meditative zone, taking their minds off the worries and stresses of day-to-day life. Sparring and exercises help the body release stress, and hanging out with fellow practitioners is good for your emotional well-being.  

Improved concentration and focus

Martial arts install concentration and focus – you need to be on your toes if someone is attacking you, and you have to focus carefully to land or parry attacks. As Evolve Daily can tell you, martial arts are so effective at teaching concentration that they are being used to treat kids with ADHD. They offer an enjoyable way for such kids to learn focus and they build up connections between the mind and body to improve coordination.  

A safe outlet for their anger

Kids, especially boys, can have a lot of pent-up anger and aggression within them. Kicking and punching away at targets in the dojo is a great way to get rid of all that anger safely. Also, practicing martial arts long-term also teaches children emotional regulation. They learn how to manage all their difficult emotions, like anger, in a healthy manner.

Learning to master the mind

Martial arts require dedication and discipline. You have to train periodically, be methodical about practicing and keep pushing your limits to keep growing . You learn how to avoid instant gratification and build toward long-term results. These are important skills that will help your child excel not just in martial arts but also in life.  

Learning respect

Respect is a big part of global martial arts culture. In martial arts (and in the real world), anyone can be dangerous, and respecting others’ strengths is key to your well-being! Students are taught to respect their masters, elders, and fellow Students. Students are also taught self-respect, which is just as important.

Self-confidence and self-esteem

Knowing they can defend themselves and the people they care about if anything were to happen can give kids a self-confidence and self-esteem boost. Needless to say, having self-confidence is good for your child’s mental health. It also helps your child in every other area of life, including studies, making friends, and, later, work. Family Sports Guide explains this in detail.

Don’t forget to model a healthier lifestyle for your child

If you’d like your child to be healthy and mentally balanced, make sure you’re following a healthy lifestyle yourself. Children want to be like their parents and mimic their behavior. That means if they see you looking after your health and pursuing activities that help your mental well-being, they’ll do so themselves. You could take up martial arts yourself, for example, or create a self-care routine to inspire your kids.


To experience all the benefits mentioned above, make sure your child attends classes every week and remember the online training platform is free to all members :)