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'The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting' - Sun Tzu


At B-SMART Martial Arts, the students learn martial arts in a traditional style but with the unique benefit of using a syllabus that works along side the Defender self Protection system, unlike most other children’s martial arts clubs that often use a martial arts syllabus that contradicts the most effective and modern self-protection practices.
This is not in any way being derogative to martial arts because having children participating in any such activity is proven to have numerous benefits. As I said above, B-SMART Martial Arts uses a traditional martial arts approach and it is for those reasons. However, building a self-defence syllabus around the martial arts syllabus and not the other way round will create problems, contradictions, confusion, and risks!
Let me explain this.
Most martial arts use a stance that is most effective for a sporting situation, which is one on one against someone else with similar attributes. In a self-protection situation, the stance must enable the broadest vision possible to maximise awareness of potential multiple attackers and to enable the best all round defence for unpredictable and erratic violent attacks. Remember all combat sports have rules, creating a certain level of predictability of the opponent, i.e, a boxer will not kick or apply elbows. Bullies, attackers and the like do not care for rules or sportsmanship and they will use every trick in the book to gain an advantage with their untrained skills a nightmare for defence.
Beat The Adult Man!
The Defender self protection system uses psychology, reality and most of all awareness and avoidance to teach young B-Smart Martial Arts students the best techniques and skills to avoid being seen as a potential victim. What we do not do and will never do is teach our students how to fight off a fully-grown adult or even defend against someone of similar stature using over complicated and unrealistic techniques.
A fully grown adult can and almost always will simply over power a child and when a child is experiencing an adrenalin rush they will not be able to use fine motor skills (skills that require precision and dexterity) Efficient and effective self-protection skills should use only gross motor skills.
In a nutshell, B-SMART Martial Arts uses a martial arts syllabus that compliments the Defender: Junior Self-Protection System giving students all of the benefits of a traditional martial arts whilst maintaining integrity of its syllabus with a solid understanding of reality.
We are not a fight club; we emphasise and place priority on the most effective self-protection skills that do not rely upon physical counter violence, however, should the students be forced to use them, we do train realistic skills. We do this with repetition and emphasis on simple gross motor skills that can be used whilst experiencing an adrenal response to an attack.

Take care, and B-SMART 2 B-SAFE


'A defendant is entitled to use reasonable force to protect himself, others for whom he is responsible and his property. … It must be reasonable.' - Beckford v The Queen [1988] AC 130[3]


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