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Brand New Ladies 'Defendher' Self Protection Classes - Start 23rd May

“All ladies have an inner SHE-BEAST!! B-SMARTS new ‘Defend-Her’ Self Protection Classes will teach you how to use it”

Classes will be held every Sunday @ Leigh Park Community Centre 7pm-8pm

Founded by Shaun takle the The Defend-Her Ladies Only programme is designed to help women learn the fundamentals that will improve fitness, self-confidence and personal safety. I have bought together years of teaching experience and a passion for Self protection, I am determined to give women the tools to bring out the warrior inside them if needed.. The classes are suitable for all ladies, ages and ability.


Your first class will start by introducing you to fellow students and finding you a training partner who is also a beginner. We’ll then work on teaching you the warm-ups, some of the basic drills and then we will cool you down at the end.


We don’t expect you to start your classes with the ability to run marathons or break concrete blocks with your bare hands or head, but you do need to be fit and healthy and you should always get your doctor’s approval before starting. If you have any doubts about your health and fitness our lessons will start you slowly with warm ups and drills that you will be able to handle and quickly master. Our aim is to build your confidence to allow you to push yourself harder and rapidly improve your fitness.


The Ladies Only classes are a great way for you to lose weight if you need to and will offer a natural and sustainable route to keeping your body at its ideal weight. The routines you learn will allow you to become more flexible and supple, plus they will naturally tone the bits you want to get into shape; thighs, bums, tums, chest etc.

We support women in our classes with advice on sensible eating to allow them to gradually build up the stamina and strength to become experienced students.


In a nutshell - the Defendher self protection system uses psychology, reality and most of all awareness and avoidance to teach ladies the best techniques and skills to avoid being seen as a potential victim. We emphasise and place priority on the most effective self-protection skills that do not rely upon physical counter violence, however, should you be forced to use them, we train realistic skills. We do this with repetition and emphasis on simple gross motor skills that can be used whilst experiencing an adrenal response to an attack.

Not only will you lovely ladies learn how to defend yourselves, you will also get fighting fit, build strength whilst making friends and having fun... it’s a win win situation.

​And better still the first 2 lessons are absolutely FREE! A great opportunity to come along and try our lessons completely risk free 🙂

“Our classes will show you, that with constant training your body’s can become a truly awesome weapon of self-protection”

It’s easy to book your free lessons, just fill in the website contact form or call Shaun on 07806556326.

Always B-SMART 2 B-SAFE.

See you there,