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Winchester Sisters make it to the 10-year Hall of fame

Best Friends and sisters Ella & Tabitha started their martial arts journey together in Winchester over ten years ago. Now Who would have thought that both sisters would still be training together over a decade later?

Ella who is the older sister at 15  and Tabitha who is 13 are both now training at the advanced Basingstoke class and are currently red belts, only one belt away from their prestigious black belts, how fitting that they will do that grading together

Ella left & Tabitha right receiving their 10 year commitment awards

On hearing the news of their awards Mum Jessica said “martial arts has given them determination, they are both dedicated, healthy and strong, physically and mentally. They stand up for themselves and what they believe. I am so incredibly proud of them both, I love that they have a physical activity that they do together. Positive sibling competition and they always support each other.

Coach Shaun and founder of B- smart said  “It's unbelievable That Ella & Tabitha have been training together for over 10 years. I am so incredibly proud of them both. Both of Their attitudes and Dedication have been impeccable and there has never been any sibling rivalry only love and support for each other they are both an absolute credit to their mum

and it was an Honour to present them with their awards this morning :)

Outside of martial arts, Ella loves to play badminton and Tabitha loves doing gymnastics :)