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The Wizard of Oz

What do we teach?

Well, we are not trying to be an all singing and all dancing martial arts company.

We do teach life skills and we do teach martial arts and self-protection.

We concentrate on what is relevant and we make sure that we deliver the best relevant skills. Sometimes I see what other clubs are apparently teaching and I wonder when they find time to learn their martial arts. We are not ‘jacks of all trades’, but we aim for the mastery of one : Self-Protection skills for our children and the benefits that comes along naturally, for example discipline, confidence and fitness etc.

The Wizard of Oz

Beware of the fantasy.

There is often a big booming voice promising the world to their students, however, when you pull back the curtain there is often an instructor who doesn’t meet the expectations.

Poor old Cowardly Lion has to make do with a badge, Tin Man a pocket watch and Scarecrow’s heart just isn’t in it! Dorothy has the best option because at least she can get away

If you want your children to learn how to look after themselves, how to stay safe and to enjoy all the benefits of martial arts, then B-Smart Martial Arts delivers upon its promises.

Enjoy your day 😊

The Wizard of Oz