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Dedicated Teen Receives Commitment Award For Martial Arts Training

Fourteen year-old Harvey Jones has shown superb commitment and dedication to his martial arts training for the past 10 years. This coupled with his positive attitude to the discipline is why he is being recognised for such a fantastic achievement here at B-Smart Martial Arts.

As his coach, I am extremely proud of Harvey’s achievements. It is an absolute honour to be presenting Harvey with his commitment award and I am looking forward to many more years of training with him.

Harvey began training with me at the age of just 4. In fact, he was my very first student at the Basingstoke school. I recall him being such a small boy who was very shy. When I asked him why he wanted to take part in my classes, he would always reply, “I want to be a ninja!” Although his life plans may have changed, his dedication to martial arts certainly has not and he proves to be reliable asset to my team.

“Martial arts has been a big part of Harvey’s life since starting at four years of age,” explains Harvey’s father, James. “It has helped his personal and physical development giving him confidence and discipline that helps him in other areas of his life. Shaun and B Smart Martial Arts have played a large part in Harvey’s life over the last 10 years.

Having recently been awarded his level 1 advanced black belt, Harvey continues to go from strength to strength. He is now a junior leader, supporting me in the very same cool cub class where he began his martial arts journey ten years ago.

The role of junior leader is an important one. He is able to demonstrate his skill and hard work to younger students through this. Furthermore, Harvey is a fantastic example of what others can achieve with continued effort and commitment. He is a real role model for the other children.