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Rhys - B-SMART's Amazing Black Belt Student

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,

Please take just a few minutes to recognise the achievements of just one of B-Smart Martial Arts, awesome students.

Shaun Takle, has asked me to write something to recognise the achievements of Rhys, a black belt student of B-Smart martial arts who is working towards his advanced level, and continues to improve almost every lesson; not unusual (such is the success of B-Smart martial arts unique approach), however, Rhys’s achievements are truly outstanding.

Rhys when he joined B-SMART Martial Arts
Rhys when he joined B-SMART Martial Arts

Rhys has a statement of special educational needs. This identifies that he has needs in the area of behavioural and emotional development; social communication and interactive skills; fine and gross motor skills and spatial reasoning. It also identifies needs in the areas of expressive language and word knowledge; listening, attention and concentration skills; learning skills and self-esteem.

If you can perhaps read that again, you may recognise that Rhys’s educational needs, seems to contradict the necessary skills needed to be a successful martial artist. However, anyone who thinks Rhys would allow his disabilities to hold him back would also fail to consider his indomitable spirit.

I would also like to give credit to Rhys’s parents who encourage him to face his challenges rather than rest on their laurels. Sadly, I see this all too often; parents whose own anxieties are the barriers to their children achieving confidence and happiness.

I also have a child with disabilities, my daughter has downs syndrome, but rather than dwell on what she may or may not do, I am excited to wonder what she may achieve; to quote myself; ‘from disability, often comes great ability’.

It was nine years ago that Shaun Takle, the owner of B-Smart martial arts first welcomed Rhys into the team of other great students. It is fair to say that Rhys was not the confident young man we now have as a B-Smart Junior leader, however, Shaun worked with Rhys and encouraged him to succeed. Rhys is now a very competent practitioner of Borba Devet, the system used in B-Smart martial arts.

Rhys also enjoys being physically active in other areas aside from martial arts, and is a registered PADA scuba diver, which is amazing achievement considering his age. He is a polite young man who is always willing to help. At school, Rhys is no less successful. He is a slow but methodical learner, represents his tutor group at the school council, and is a sports leader for his house team.

I have been amazed to with the progress Rhys has made since I began working with B Smart Martial Arts a couple of years ago, and I am proud to be able to work alongside Shaun to help encourage Rhys’s drive to succeed. It really is an honour to know this young man and I am grateful to have the opportunity.

B-SMART's very special student Rhys
B-SMART's very special student Rhys

All children have the potential to be great in their own way and they all have the potential to face and conquer challenges and to face their fears. With the encouragement of parents, the carers, and B Smart Martial Arts, they can grow up to be confident, kind, and successful members of society.

Ryhs is a great ambassador for B SMART Martial Arts, and we are very proud to have him on the team; thank you, Mr and Mrs Bailey for supporting your son’s aspirations, it is truly heart-warming.

Brenhin Alimpic

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