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Meet New Coach Jack Lee Smith

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

S. Takle: Owner B-SMART Martial Arts & Head Coach

I started coaching Jack in 2012, when he was 8 years old, he was a bit smaller back then and he looked up to me, now he’s fast approaching 15, and much taller and I am looking up at him. From day one in his very first lesson, I could see the potential in Jack; he always trained hard, was always respectful, and was always keen to help others. It’s been a pleasure teaching Jack over the last 7 years, he is an absolute credit to his parents, and to B- SMART martial arts and I am glad that Jack has accepted my offer of becoming a coach at B- smart martial arts. I wish Jack the very best that is deserved of a hardworking and good young man.


Brenhin Alimpic: B-SMART Martial Arts Coach and Creator/Instructor of the Borba Devet Program

Young Jack Smith, B-SMART Black belt student, Junior Borba Devet practitioner extraordinaire, and B SMART Martial Arts, coach, etc, etc…..!

That’s quite an introduction but nevertheless, it is fitting of the young Andover student whom has committed himself to achieving so much at B Smart and school. I do confess to not knowing the young man very well, however, I do know a good ‘un’ when I see it and I know his accolades will grow!

As head examiner of B-Smart martial arts and the creator of Borba Devet, I have had the huge pleasure of meeting Jack on several occasions during lessons and he was one of the students who stood out right from the start. Initially I was impressed at how well he adapted to the changes made to the syllabus, applying the skills and techniques with consistently high standard, however, aside from that, it was the way in which Jack carries himself as a young man. Always respectful and polite, Jack is an ideal representative of B-SMART Martial Arts, hence the reason Shaun Takle, has made him a coach.

Shaun Takle is of course an excellent head coach and practitioner, so that certainly is a head start for the students, but as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, our young Jack is thirsty for knowledge and so he has taken full advantage of what he is being taught. That is the thing with B SMART. If your priority is for your children to have all the benefits of martial arts, but with the added benefits of actually being able defend themselves, in a real life situation, we are the best and we stake our reputations on being so. If you support your child to attend regular classes, and encourage them to commit themselves, they will learn.

Jack has a bright future ahead of him. I am confident that whatever he sets his mind to achieving in the future he will succeed. Jack will climb the beanstalk of life, slay the giants of doubt and fear, and come home with the riches. I will say this though, next time I mention Jack I will abbreviate his introduction quite considerably through fear of never getting to the end of his list of achievements.

Good work young man!


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