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Meet Matthew & Burt

As some of you will have seen, I have now added Matthew and Burt (The AllStrike2 ) to our training tools.

The Allstrike 2 will help our little ninjas take their pad work to the next level by freeing them from the limitations of prearranged striking combo workouts.

Now we can improvise by creating more realistic combat scenarios as if the head were real. The added benefits are we can effortlessly act as an advancing or retreating opponent, putting pressure on the fighter or backing off, all without having to move your wrists and re-position yourself like you would do with a traditional focus pad.

Burt and Matthew will give students the perfect target for developing more accurate strikes, it will Improve their jabs hooks and uppercuts and it will also perfect those all important elbow strikes.

So now instead of aiming at a bull’s-eye or even a blank pad, they will be aiming at the real thing.

Nothing gives better feedback than feeling a cheekbone, a nose, or a chin after you connect.

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