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Winchester Friends kick and stick together And make it to the ten-year Hall of fame

Friends Casper spencer & mae Seager started their martial arts journey aged five together at the Winchester school ten years ago.

Who would have thought that the budding ninjas would still be training together ten years on? Casper, who is now 15 and a level 2 advanced black belt and mae, who is also 15 and has her black belt test in a few months, is not only still training together; they are also now both assistant coaches at the Winchester school.

After hearing the news that Casper would be getting his ten-year commitment award, Casper's mum said, “ten years ago; I wanted Casper to defend himself and stand up to bullies. So I sent him to your class. Ten years later, he is a black belt with an incredible punch! I am very proud of everything you have taught him. He went through an anger phase at about 9-10years old, but you taught him to respect others and control his anger. Since he has become an assistant coach, his confidence has grown so much. He wants to be a martial arts teacher when he starts working. I am very proud of what he has learned.

On hearing the news Mae's mum, said, “We are incredibly proud of Mae’s tenacity and determination in completing ten years of Martial Arts. Martial Arts has helped Mae to develop a calm, confident demeanour and training as a coach has encouraged her to take on extra- responsibility and build leadership skills- all excellent life skills.

As a coach, I couldn't be prouder; the dedication Casper & mae have shown over the years has been simply amazing, and the most remarkable thing is Casper and mae have never competed against each other; they have only ever supported and encouraged One another, Which is an excellent quality and is why they will both make incredible coaches, I'm so proud of them both

Outside of Martial arts, Mae loves Explorers and loves going to her Environmental club

& Casper is a keen swimmer and runner, and he loves spending time with his family :)

Here's to the next Ten years :)


Owner & head coach of B-smart Martial arts

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