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Super Basingstoke mum makes it to the ten year Hall of fame

When Basingstoke mum Melanie Hill decided to participate in her children's martial arts lesson, who would have thought she would still be training ten years on. Melanie, now a Black Belt level 1 student, hasn't looked back since joining in with her children's lesson in 2012. Although her children decided to leave, there was no way mum would follow.

After receiving her award, Melanie said, “ I was shocked, happy and slightly emotional, over the last ten years, I have loved the training and have learned so much about self-defence I now feel more confident that I will be able to defend myself if needed

Melanie Receiving her ten year commitment award from head coach Shaun

Head coach Shaun said; What a fantastic achievement. I am honoured to award Melanie for all her hard work and Dedication; I couldn't ask for a better role model for my young students

Away from training, Melanie enjoys spending time with her family, and is a fosterer for the local Cats Protection branch, where she loves to see her foster cats go to their forever homes.

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