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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well and have enjoyed the Easter break.

2020 was a year like no other, and the start of 2021 hasn’t been much better.

This pandemic has affected each and every one of us, and we, like any other organisations, have had to react and adapt to the challenging conditions that were thrown upon us, often at very short notice.

Our resistance and resilience have been tested to the limit - our lives as we knew them practically changed overnight, affecting not only people’s income but their mental health as well.

On a personal note, stopping was never an option, and B-SMART would have to keep going in whatever format that could possibly be - and we did!

We're still here, still delivering fantastic children’s self-defence, and although sometimes I had a slight wobble (I’m human, after all), I am now very positive (or should I avoid that tainted word and use ‘upbeat’ instead?) about the future of B-SMART.

I feel very much as though we have survived twelve months, which on paper looked almost impossible at times, yet we are still going, stronger than ever and ready to take on our next challenge.

To say I am so proud of my dedicated students would be an understatement. They never stopped logging on to the many Zoom lessons on offer, and they continuously gave me 100% effort, despite many difficult circumstances.

As a coach, that is all I can ask for - I have genuinely been blown away by the commitment and support you have all shown, thank you.

So with face-to-face lessons starting again in less than a week, I would like to say a massive thank you to all my wonderful members for sticking by me over the last year and helping to keep B-SMART alive. I am so grateful to all of you - all the words of encouragement and support mean so much.

Can’t wait to see you all again!


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