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Let me introduce you to young Harvey, B-SMART black belt student extraordinaire and now B SMART Martial Arts Assistant Coach !

That’s quite an introduction but nevertheless, it is befitting of the young Basingstoke student who has committed so much of himself to achieving so much here at B-SMART.

As Harvey’s coach I have had huge pleasure in watching him achieve so much over the last 11 years, Even when he first started training as a young 4 year old Harvey stood out - and I remember how impressed I was with his dedication and attitude to his training. Nothing has changed, 11 years on and Harvey is still as dedicated as ever, applying his skills and techniques week in week out with consistent high standards. Harvey is always respectful and polite and is an fantastic ambassador for B-SMART Martial Arts and all that it stands for.

As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink, however Harvey is thirsty for knowledge and he has taken full advantage of what he is being taught.

It’s an honour to have you on board Harvey - and with students like you I am really excited for the future of B-SMART.

Congratulations young man !

Shaun Takle

Business Owner & Head Coach

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