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*B-SMART 10-Year Commitment Award Given to Talented Teen*

Junior black belt student, Brandon Leigh, has been awarded the B-SMART 10-year commitment award.

It was an absolute privilege to be able to award this to 13-year-old Brandon, who trains at the Andover school. His martial arts journey began just before his third birthday when we were at the Winton school. Although many changes have occurred over the years, Brandon’s enthusiasm and commitment to his training have not.

From teeny toddler to talented teen, Brandon has recently achieved his advanced level 1 black belt. In addition to this, he is currently a junior leader, passing on his valuable skills and expertise to younger students who really look up to him and value his experience.

Brandon is well on his way to becoming an assistant coach.

Pride for Brandon’s achievements come not only from us here at B-SMART, but also his parents. Upon informing them about his award, they beamed and said: “We are very proud of Brandon’s achievement as many young people don’t stick at a club very long.” The loyalty and trust of his parents in me must also be commended. I am extremely humbled by this as it is very rare for a martial arts school to have such long-standing, committed members.

Away from the dojo, Brandon is a computer whizz. He is also a keen baker – where do his talents end? His recipe for pineapple cake is something he prides himself on, so perhaps we should celebrate his enormous achievement with a slice of that.

Along with a huge pat on the back.

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