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As we enter the last week of the summer holidays and the end of lockdown, it will come as absolutely no surprise that most kids are not going to be particularly positive about going back to school, attending B-SMART training classes, going to bed early or generally doing anything that involves not doing what they want!

Expect the worst - “I hate school - I don’t want to go”, “I don’t want to go to martial arts anymore”, or “why do I have to go to bed early again?” - followed by tears, arguing and tantrums…..

Remember that they are children - and t is your decision to choose what is right for your child not theirs :-)

The lessons we teach them now will have a huge impact on their future. Younger children won’t necessarily understand how their B-SMART classes will give them the skills to succeed - and that missing school could negatively impact their future. They have not yet learned to look ahead long term !

Of course after 4 months of relative freedom, later nights and no pressure to engage themselves mentally a child is not going to want to go back to doing anything! Let alone cope with the pressures of school etc.

Despite all the kicking and screaming - the majority of time kids love school, and they definitely love their B-SMART martial arts classes when they are there!

The battle is with their immediate interest and capturing their attention span.

The iPad, Xbox or PS4 is always going to be the easiest option for a child - but it isn’t always the right option and sometimes we have to be tough in order to pass on and teach the lessons that we know are invaluable to our children’s future.

By next week every B-SMART school will be back open and I look forward to seeing you all in September for an amazing end to the year!

Good luck 😉

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