• Shaun Takle

Grading Feedback November 2018

Dear Parents,

Last week I enjoyed the opportunity to grade the amazing students of B-SMART Martial Arts.

I use the word amazing because I can honestly say that the word is befitting of the standards I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing. There are other words, fantastic and impressive, being two of them.

I know it is easy for me to extol the virtues of B-SMART Martial Arts, after all I do have more than a little interest in the group of schools headed by Shaun Takle, however, please allow me to justify my opinions and to explain my reasoning for such high regard.

I am passionate about our youth, their place in this world and the challenges they face. I am also a fan of anything we as parents can do to get them physically active, mentally stimulated and motivated to be the best version of themselves they can be.

One of the best activities a young child or teenager can do is martial arts and B-SMART Martial Arts really is leading the way and setting standards. I know that these are familiar words used by martial arts companies to promote their businesses, however, let me say this. Have a look at what is really going on. Ask questions and be critical of what your children are learning. Recognise or familiarise yourselves with the important differences between martial arts and self-defence, understand why we say, learn martial arts but understand self-defence.

I have had dealings with many organisations and I can say without exceptions that Shaun is the only one that was willing to make huge changes and invest lots of money into making his schools different. Shaun embraced the opportunity to strip down his syllabus and rebuild it with the sole intention of being able to stand up and say, this is the best we can offer; it is real and it is honest.

You see, we honestly care. Yes, it is a business and yes, we do have to make a living, but we can honestly say that when your children are with us, we can look anyone in the eye and say that we will give your children the best there is to learn.

We never stop learning ourselves and we continuously test the skills we pass on. We will not stay rigid and in denial if something proves to be better than what we have, we will adapt, embrace, and deliver.

What I have witnessed with the recent grading is the results of the dedication of Mr Takle, and his students. Anyone who knows me will also know that I will not compromise on integrity, especially on something as important as the safety and development of our children. I am loud and proud to be working with B-SMART Martial Arts and to have the opportunity to deliver, Defender, the junior self-protection system. B-SMART Martial Arts is the only children martial arts schools I am aware of that has a dedicated self-protection program with martial arts training that enhances rather than detracts from the self-defence and protection being coached.

I reiterate the fact that I was very impressed with the overall standards of the grading and I am genuinely excited for the next grading. Well done B-SMART Martial Arts and congratulations all students; you have done yourselves, your coach and parents very proud.

Brenhin Alimpic

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