• Shaun Takle


Grading Feedback March 2019

Hi everyone, I would like to take this opportunity to give my feedback on the recent grading exams.

In short, I can repeat myself and say how great the students are across the board, and I would barely be doing them justice. Indeed, the standard continues to grow as the students are finding their feet (fists, elbows, knees, and legs!) with the new syllabus implemented just over a year ago. The transition was difficult as can be expected because it is difficult to change from doing something you have gotten used to and then re-learn a new syllabus, however, integrity and the objectives of B-Smart Martial Arts dictated that the changes were necessary. Interestingly, there is a lesson here.

We are creatures of habit and for very good reason too, however, when we learn bad habits the advantages of habits can prove to be unhelpful, or damn right dangerous. Our students are familiar to our tongue twister; plenty of perfect practice makes perfect permanent and that is what we train to accomplish. It is extremely difficult to break some a habit because habits become permanent unless targeted to become non-permanent with a lot of hard work.

So, consider this; when a martial arts school trains it’s students the skill of their art, and they drill those skills so that they become second nature to the students, but then they occasionally practice self-defence techniques…. Which skill do you think (and we know), will the students revert to, especially whilst experiencing an adrenalin rush as is often the case when faced with a real or perceived threat or attack? Yep…. They will go to the skills that are most practiced, i.e, the ones that have become second nature through habitual training, oh dear; therefore, the self-defence skills will not be used as the go to method of survival! Doesn’t it make good sense to make sure the martial arts that are made perfect and permanent, are the martial arts needed for self-defence?

Anyway, yes the students have been amazing across the board. The grading exams have been harder than ever and as the students develop and move up in belts, the grading exams will continue to get harder still. This is important because as we have explained to the students, there is no value in being gifted a grade. As parents, carers and students, you are assured that any grading exams passed, have been passed through achievement. We have an almost 100% pass rate at B-SMART Martial Arts, because we make sure that only the students that are able to pass are put through for examination and we see it as our responsibility to get the students up to the necessary standard. Not all martial arts schools do this. We often get students from other clubs who have graded but they cannot even manage the most basic skill required by any martial arts school. It is terrible and very unfair to the students to give them a false sense of achievement that has no value, but also it is disgusting that the parents/carers have had to pay for such dishonesty.

Of course, I am going to say that B-SMART Martial Arts is the best, but I can also say we can prove it!

Congratulations to all the students!

You are awesome!!


Brenhin Alimpic:

Head examiner and creator of Borba Devet Self-Protection.

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