• Shaun Takle

Grading Feedback June 2019

Hi everyone,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the late feedback on the recent grading.

It was great to see all the students again, having the opportunity to grade them really is a pleasure, and there is nothing better than seeing little ones grow and learn and they certainly are learning. With the help of B SMART Martial Arts, the children will have all the benefits of a traditional martial art, with the added benefit of using the Borba Devet syllabus, built upon real self –protection, these are the same skills that I teach adults. Imagine how great their ability to defend their selves will be when they begin to step out into the big wide world as teenagers and adults.

The students of B SMART Martial Arts have yet to disappoint me, and I am not holding my breath waiting for them to do so! The standard is awesome, and I am impressed with Mr Shaun Takle’s ability to bring out the best in children even as young as three years old. On seeing such dedication from coach and students, I cannot fail to be impressed, motivated, and proud of the work Shaun and I have put into what is sure to be the best self-protection schools.

Onward and upwards, roll on the next seminar and grading.

I smile!

Brenhin Alimpic

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