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B-smart's Bradley Horler hits Black Belt status

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,

Please take just a few minutes to recognise the amazing achievement of another one of B-Smart Martial Arts’ awesome students. I’m sure you will join me in congratulating him on this recognition of his consistent hard work and perseverance.

Eight years ago, I first welcomed Bradley through the B-smart doors. It was one of the first lessons of the then-new Radstock school, and I vividly remember nervously waiting to see if anyone would turn up. With a few minutes to spare in walked a handful of children, including Bradley. It is fair to say that Bradley was not the confident young man you might see in class today. However, he came in with a firm plan in mind.

His first question to me was, “How long will it take for me to get my black belt?” I always love it when a student has big ambitions.

During the following eight years, Bradley would regularly ask me the same question. I would always give him the same answer... “If you turn up to your lessons every week, and you put in a 100% effort every week, you will get your black belt quicker than you would if you don’t turn up to your lessons every week and you don’t put in 100% effort.” I can count the number of lessons Bradley has missed on one hand during the past few years, and he has, without fail, always put in 100% effort.

After seeing Bradley receive his belt, his mum Sarah said, “I feel very proud of what Bradley has achieved and his determination to keep going and not give up. Over the last eight years, I have seen him grow in confidence, and I know it will give him some good options when it comes to leaving school.

“I am so glad I enrolled Bradley with B-smart Martial Arts. Shaun has been the best coach Bradley could have asked for. Not only does he support him during his lessons, but he supports and listens to Bradley outside of lessons as well. For this, Bradley has the utmost respect for Shaun, and he always tells me that when he leaves school, he wants to do sir’s job.”

As Bradley’s coach, it has given me great pleasure to watch him grow and achieve so much over the past eight years, and it was an absolute honour to present him with his black belt. I am so impressed with his attitude and dedication, and I am confident that he will indeed have a job like sir’s one day.

Look at what is possible with 100% effort and dedication...

I wonder whose turn it will be next?


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